Chloe is one!

An and Betty

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our heats and brings peace to our minds. That's what I hope to give you forever."

- The Notebook


Alena maternity

From engagement, wedding and now maternity. Ben and Alena thank you for the opportunities. Thank you both for trusting me.


She is too adorable! It was definitely a blast to be able to work with her. Here are some moments I was about to capture.

Michael and Mary Wedding

I have never encounter thunderstorms shooting with anyone. Not to mention, TWICE! If you recall an epic shot I did a earlier this year with Michael and Mary at the Sacramento Train Museum, there was another thunderstorm on their wedding day! Thank god we had a a short break with sunshine and that allowed me to capture some gorgeous shots of the lovely couple.

The Moguls

Michael and Mary

I don't usually get a chance to shoot for clients from another town, Thank you Michael and Mary for giving us an opportunity. All of the weekends were sunny and warm except when we shoot this session. Despite the horrible weather, Michael and Mary showed enthusiasm went through the day of shooting in the rain.

Shots were taken in Folsom and old town Sacramento.

Pat and Lynn

Below are a some highlights from Schabarum Park in Rowland Heights during cherry blossom season and Super Bloom in Death Valley.

From last minute sharp turns to running out of gas, the trip to death valley was definitely one of the best road trips I've had. These two genuine people often reminded me of what it is to be happy together. Thank you both for the opportunity.

Kenny and Nina

I was invited as a guest to Kenny and Nina's wedding in San Jose, California on 11/14/15. My typical self is never leave on a trip without my camera. Here are a couple of my favorites from their wedding.

Below are some shots taken with my Fujifilm XT-1.

Melissa Maternity

Benton and Alena Wedding

Unfortunately Ben was not able to escape the big day as shown during the engagement shoot. This intimate reception in downtown LA definitely brought out the wild and emotional sides of Ben and Alena.

Sandra and Anthony Wedding

This big day was emotional for everyone who attended. Sandra and Anthony have been with each others for a long time. Together they have raised two beautiful, fun and loving daughters. The ceremony and reception was held in a beautiful lake in Malibu. 

Nghiep and Calee Engagement

I was grateful to be able to work with these two awesome couple who were total troopers! Our original goal was to capture some aspens in Big Bear area, sadly all were burn due to a wild fire that happen a couple months back. With no plan B in mind we drove all around Big Bear and pulled over as we saw some cool spots to shoot. The moments between these two are so genuine that only one word should be used, "Love."

Alice and Brendan

I met Alice a couple years back through another friend, little can I say much about her as we both are always busy and don't get many chances to hang out. But when we did, we always had a good time. She is very humble and down to earth. All she wanted is a simple backyard party for her wedding. They didn't want to be the center of attention during this party, all they wanted were their guests to enjoy themselves. I'm honored to be able to capture these moments for her and Brendan.

Eric and Laurie

Eric and Laurie are some of the nicest people I've met. They are extremely caring and sincere. I can never imagine them yelling or screaming at anyone. Laurie and I have met since I was 17 and a half, this number always brings back smiles and as we treasure the memories we share. I am very happy for Laurie found someone so special like Eric.

It is very unfortunate that Laurie's father was not able to give her the father and daughter dance. I'm sure he's smiling in heaven, proud of how beautiful his daughter is on this important day. In his place, James, brother of Laurie, gave us a great demonstration of their moves. 

Benton and Alena engagement

Benton and Alena are a fun and loving pair. I've known Benton for 17 years. As a matter of fact, he is one of the first friends that I met in the states. We grew up together, raced mini cars to RC cars, and now we race real cars together. One of the very knowledgeable person in automotive I know. It makes me happy to see him to be able to find a lovely lady like Alena. Most importantly is that they are both happy to have each other.

Cherry Blossom

Each year Cherry Blossom Festival is hosted at Schabarum Park in Rowland Heights, California.