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I'd like to describe my work as shape with what I have to capture the best images. It is the most rewarding feeling to capture that "epic shot."


Photography and I started back in the film days. I still remember using my first film camera made by Minolta with a 50mm f1.7. It was loaned to me from my high school photography teacher. As frustrating as it was to manual focus and turn all these knobs to get a photo, it was well worth the patience. I ended up purchasing the camera from my teacher and continued to shoot for pleasure.

It wasn't cheap to go to Sav-on to develop a roll of film after 24 shots. Hence, I gave up in shooting film while I was studying engineering in college. I've always loved photography but was not able to afford a DSLR in college. I met a group of people who enjoys automotive and photography as much as I did. These people became not only my good friends, but great companions. In order to get me more involved in photography, a good friend loaned me one of his spare DSLR's. This is when the bug bit me again, it became and addiction.

I've always shot photos for my own pleasure. Until one day, some friends got engaged and had requested me to shoot their engagement photos for them. One lead to another, I started shooting for more friends as referrals expanded. I ended up shooting all of those friends weddings, then some of their maternity and now, their beautiful children. My network grew a lot and so did my clientele. I enjoy all flavors of the events I've shot and that made me realize, A photo isn't just a photo, it's a moment captured.

Photography is my passion. It means a lot more than just a snap shot. It's about capturing that moment frozen in time. Every shot is different than the last, that is what makes photography unique.

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